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C. A. Enterprises

Born in (Lower) Austria in 1960.

Studied sculpture in Vienna / Austria (1978-83) and film & video in Düsseldorf / Germany (1982-83).

Initially space-oriented works of art in galleries and exhibition centers, frequently using (super8-)film and sound as materials. E.g.:

As of 1989 focus on public space as an opportunity to leave the conventional art-spaces (e. g. the light-installation "Light-artwork KWA" at the Dome of the Vienna Secession 1989, the sign with running neon light KIN.OB. 2 / Vienna 1992 and C.A.printEins: STATEMENTS, 1992).

In 1992 the collection of my work from 1988 to 1991 at the Generali Foundation in Vienna. The installations, works und projects in public space, films, sound art and texts of this period are shown in an audio-visual presentation on four monitors. On the occasion of the exhibition a booklet (C.A.printEins:STATEMENTS) and a video (C.A.pictures) are published. During the opening my announcement in the form of a video message "that I consider this presentation to be my last in exhibition spaces".

4: even in art, which presents itself as being so unfettered und which could be the broadest of all fields, only a small part of that which is possible is carried out and shown?
6: what will be important in art will be to make connections between the individual parts, to beware of the convenience of separatism?
9: what about the following: releasing art into the freedom of looking, of being seen by chance, also of not-being-seen. is that too risky?
20: perhaps the boldness of the art of the future will be not in creating things but in eliminating things?
(From: EA-Generali Foundation / Sabine Breitwieser (Ed.): C.A.printEins/STATEMENTS, Vienna 1992)

Since 1988 also space-oriented and situational works of art commissioned by private and institutional clients. E. g.
Kinetic Object for the café-restaurant Skala / Vienna,
KIN.OB. 2 for the EA-Generali Foundation / Vienna,
"Irma" for a private dwelling /AUT,
The Crossover-Project Education Proceeds for the educational institute Venetia / Vienna,
Wardrobe-Seat for a private dwelling / AUT,
Think Tank for the VCÖ / Vienna.

With the foundation of the art and research project MA-null an exploration of both real and virtual public space started and lasted for several years (1996 – 2000). Within an interdisciplinary team we researched public space as a space where a large variety of interests, ideas and conflicts meet. It is a node of society, a space each of us uses, at the very least in order to cross it. MA-null has become an extensive artistic and scientific project, its output ranges from the publication of a magazine to a photography collection and from photo series to events and presentations in public locations to projects with schools and an urban project with public participation.

With the research "The Self and the Public Space" (2001) and with "Dialogue in between" (2001), a photographic investigation of the transitions and overlaps between the private and the public sphere, my interest was sparked by the domain of living: At Home (artistic research), Playground Living (educational resources), Qualitiy of Living Conditions (research), the space sculpture "Doublette", Social Sustainability in Residential Building (research, 2009) and Intelligent Compact Housing Solutions (research, 2011).

On the subject of my approach to and the intentions of my artistic research I gave a lecture at the University of Technology in Vienna in 2014: "artistic research: free leg – engaged leg“.

In 2005 my preoccupation with protective and warming clothing led to a subversive-poetic and elegant series of clothing objects for all parts of the body, called "Ladies´ Underclothes" (meant to be worn above the clothes).

From the "space sculpture" Doublette emerged (flexible) furniture: folding cupboards, sideboards, a sofa etc.

My super8-films (1988 - 92), films and visuals with pictures and sounds in a compact form, with a fast rhythm and short or very short length (e. g. 6 seconds), were shown by Asifa Austria in 2010 at the MuseumsquartierWien / Vienna as a space installation and in a filmscreening.

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